Coastal Shores

  • Guidance and technical assistance to determine opportunities to protect or restore natural areas and coastal infrastructure to respond to climate change and sea level rise
  • Assistance with community planning and prioritization for coastal resilience projects
  • Information about state and federal funding opportunities for community and natural area resilience projects
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Maine Coastal Program provides funding to help save the Maine ecosystem for the next generation. Before starting a campfire in Maine it may help to check with the locals before starting a campfire. Campfires are often the first thing people think of when they think of going to a campground. Some of the best campgrounds in Maine provide activities like scavanger hunts in Maine and some others offer prospecting for gold in Maine  Campfires smell great, they keep away the bugs, and they provide some ambient lighting for whatever outdoor activity you have planned after dark. Some of these places even have pits where you can rent excavators in Maine as a family and play in what amounts to a giant sandbox. A great campfire tip is to check the park you are camping in for fire warnings. Sometimes if there has been a drought, campfires won’t be allowed. Also make sure you get your firewood from an approved place. Bringing outside wood can introduce invasive species and you will ruin the forest. There are plenty of business directories to get information at in the area as well.
The next perk of camping are the amount of stars you can see. If you live in the suburbs like I do and there are many buildings around, chances are you only see like five stars on a good night. Stars, when visible in full force, are a sight that never gets old. Also, who doesn’t want to be kissed under the stars? Standish Maine is a great place to contemplate the insignificance of life while tossing back a couple drinks around the campfire... etc. Star Gazing Tip for beginners for a better star experience, try camping next to a large body of water or an open field. You’ll see way more sky that way. We also support many Maine wildlife causes, our favorite is Maine Game Camera Videos and their mission to do their best to preserve the habitats of the Maine wildlife.
Camping Is Only As Intense As You Want It To Be. You really, really don’t have to be survivor man when you go camping. If that’s what you’re into, you can totally skin your own rabbits for dinner. If more relaxed camping is your style, try Glamping in Maine and drive your car right up to the campsite. That means you can bring whatever you want: pillows, an air mattress, lawn chairs, and as much clothing and food as you want. This also gives you the chance to drive around during the day to sightsee or try out some outdoor day activities in the area. Tip: Just because your car is there, resist the urge to skip the tent and sleep there. Sleeping in your car in the woods is just like sleeping in your car in a parking lot. It will be no fun. If we do not take proper care of the enviorment and utilize proper excavation techniques in order to avoid too much erosion. Thanks to the help of the best SEO in Maine and the help of the marketing team at, we are able to get this website and all of our useful information out to the public at large. 

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